The response to the Replicate E-quipping Cohort has been so exciting. We cannot wait to start connecting with you every month for training and implementation! Some of you have asked some great questions about the Cohort so I wanted to clear up any confusion and answer some of these questions myself.

Q: I have a hectic schedule, what if I can’t log in when you broadcast the training? What if I miss the online network meetings? 

A: We have chosen online software that will allow us to record every session and every network meeting so you can view them when you have time. While we obviously prefer that you watch live and interact in the network meetings, you will be free to watch and interact as you can for your convenience.

Q: I’m not sure I can afford the Cohort, what if I haven’t budgeted for the training? 

A: We knew some church leaders might struggle with the $999 price up front so we created a much smaller monthly fee that most will find affordable. Simply select the $99 monthly option when you purchase the Cohort.

Q: How much of this can I actually implement and how quickly can I make it work?

A: The Replicate E-quipping Cohort is designed to help you deal with the big issues associated with creating disciple-making culture. The training content will not be a rehash of what you’ve read in books but fresh, instantly usable principles and practices for every church context. Additionally, the smaller network of leaders you discuss implementation with will be invaluable as you contextualize and adjust these methods to your church setting.

Q: Why is the Cohort limited to 100 people?

A: We have a small team of specialized leaders. We take quality and attention to detail seriously at Replicate. Our team of trained practitioners not only work with Replicate, but also serve as full-time church staff. That means everything we discuss isn’t some theory that sounds good, but workable processes that we see at play in our ministries today. Our staff has served in various church contexts from smaller churches to megachurches, in rural, urban, and suburban environments. Because we want our team to oversee the network groups, we are limited to how many groups we can manage while keeping them small for your greatest interaction and impact.

I hope these answers have helped you if you’ve been trying to decide whether or not to sign up for the E-quipping Cohort. Our limited space is filling quickly so sign up now if you want to get into the group.

Join the Replicate E-quipping Cohort 

The Replicate Disciplemaking Cohort will help you:

  • Develop a custom Discipleship Pathway for your church
  • Learn how to implement a disciplemaking process to equip your people to do the work of the ministry
  • Learn how to develop a disciplemaking culture to get your church and staff on board
  • Have personal candid conversations with leaders just like you to help deal with issues that arise in developing a disciplemaking culture
  • How to “lead up” and help get your leadership to buy-in to a disciplemaking culture
  • Help for revitalized churches, established churches, and church plants in all contexts
  • Much more!

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