We can see that church practices are a witness in and of themselves, and certainly the church supports and prays for outreach and evangelistic opportunities, but the church’s role is not to run programs. The church should cultivate a culture of evangelism. The members are sent out from the church to do evangelism.”
“As evangelicals, we must fervently strive to make sure our people know their Bible. We must proclaim the final command of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ loudly and repeatedly.”

Discipleship Isn’t Optional – Bill Hull and Ben Sobels

“You can’t make a Christlike disciple from a non-discipleship gospel. The gospel you preach determines the disciples you make…The spread of this gospel will come from ordinary people who have the authority of the gospel.
“Celebrating decisions without a plan for making disciples is like celebrating the wedding without planning to help people through the marriage.”

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