Moving From Decisions To Disciples by Craig Etheredge

“When you focus on making disciples, the pressure is off for an immediate decision and the emphasis is on presenting the gospel clearly and helping each person come to Jesus in a genuine way. “
“They long for a new day of effectiveness in making disciples from a lost culture, growing those disciples so they in turn make more disciples, who do the same. Disciples who make disciples who make disciples is the need of the hour.”
While there are likely to be numerous factors that influence this gap, I suspect the most important is the difference in Bible reading habits…Bible reading is of such importance that if women are reading Scripture more often than men, we should expect to see exactly the sort of gaps we find in other areas of their religious lives.” 
“The goal is to help the lead runner, the person you are discipling, advance their position so that they may replicate what they have learned from you and do the exact same thing to serve the next generation of disciples.”

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