“Authentic discipleship has always been about dying to self.  It’s about giving far more than it is about getting.”
“But if we’re going to be like Jesus, we need to share like Jesus shared…Jesus also shared even the most intimate, heart-wrenching part of His life with His disciples.”

Reclaiming the Goal of Christlikeness in a World of Choices by Trevin Wax

“The goal of discipleship is Christlikeness; therefore, we cannot judge our growth or success by the world’s standards but rather by God’s. The question can never be, “Are we keeping up with the Joneses?,” but, “Are we looking more like Jesus?”
Why Do We Go To Church? by Nicholas Dawson
“People come together as a church, community outreach begins, discipleship succeeds, life lived together compels the advancement of the gospel. The people of God grow as individuals because of active engagement in the community of believers.”

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