5 Ways We Get The Great Commission Wrong – Trevin Wax

The missionary imperative of Jesus at the close of Matthew’s Gospel (28:18-20) is a key text for Christians. But it’s easy for us to take some wrong turns in our understanding of Jesus’s instruction.”

3 Keys To Becoming An Intentional Disciple Maker – Jim Putnam

“It is both the job and privilege of every Christian to be a disciple of Jesus. And part of that job is the call to disciple others…Discipling others may not require a degree, but it does require a process.”

The End Product of Disciple Making – Craig Etheredge

“Clarifying and simplifying the definition of a disciple is critical if you are going to be committed to making disciples. You can’t have a fuzzy vision of your end product.”

Make Disciples, Not Visitors: Rethinking Your Easter Weekend – Robby Gallaty

“Most pastors, like me, are praying for God to revive their people on Easter Sunday. But the question is: What are you going to do with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people who might respond to the invitation for salvation?”

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