Replicate Round Up For August 1st, 2018

Replicate Round Up For August 1st, 2018

The Joy of Being a Poor Evangelist by Jared Stacy

“We are limited in our ability, but Jesus makes sure we know our limitations are not a liability to Him. Our limitations are precisely what God chooses to use for His glory.”

3 Reasons Isolation Will Kill You

“…isolation, if left unchecked, will eventually lead to destruction. This is something I need to remind myself of, and if you are naturally introverted, perhaps you could use a similar reminder.”

Prayer, Piety, and the Glory of God: The Lord’s Prayer in the 21st Century by Al Mohler

“The prayer stands at the very center of the Sermon on the Mount; as Christ’s followers, it should thus stand at the very center of our lives.”

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Dylan moved from Chattanooga in January 2017 to come work as Pastor Robby’s assistant. He loves working in ministry and seeing peoples lives changed by Jesus. Dylan enjoys spending time with his wife, reading, exercising, and watching sports — cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats in all sports, not just basketball. He models his life around 2 Timothy 2:2, wanting to always invest in people who are going to replicate the process and make disciples.