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What Are The Differences Between A Disciple And An Apostle In The Bible?

It is not easy to be a disciple of Christ. You will be hated, you will be despised, you will be ridiculed, and you will be scorned by unbelievers, but that’s a small price to pay to be witnesses for Jesus Christ. If you claim to be a disciple, I ask you and ask myself these questions; do we bear our own cross? Do we hate (or love exponentially less) our own family compared to loving Christ? Do we deny ourselves and follow Him? If not, we cannot truly claim to be a disciple of Jesus.

10 years after Katrina: ‘The storm changed my entire philosophy of ministry’

“What the storm helped me to understand was that for a lot of my ministry I had not been focusing on truly making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ,” Register said. “I was focused on one half of the Great Commission – the evangelistic side of the coin – but had not focused on the disciple-making side of the coin.”

Discipleship became a priority. “If it’s not life-on-life transformation taking place,” said Register, “we’re missing this thing called disciple-making.” The people in his congregation who were significantly involved in discipleship groups “really rose to the occasion following the storm in ministering to fellow believers, and in providing leadership to the body of Christ.”

This prompted a significant shift in ministry philosophy for Register. “So many things that I thought were critical in ministry pre-storm,” he said, “seemed to be really insignificant post-storm.”

Mentoring Is Better than Curriculum: Seven Steps to Better Discipleship

Discipleship curricuum, for instance. Whether it’s designed for kids, youth or adults, most of it seems to target bigger churches. Small churches often don’t have the space, the money or the minimum number of students and workers to do the program right.

The good news is, discipleship is possible in any size of church by using the most proven, time-tested, successful discipling process of all. The process Jesus, Paul and the early church used.

A process called mentoring.

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