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Every time Jesus called a person to follow him, his primary concern wasn’t to make a convert, but an apprentice. It was a call to begin a new journey towards a transformation that would make them more like him. Jesus came to inaugurate a new kingdom, something that we could begin to experience now, not only in the future.

Alexis church applies revitalization plan

Marks’ study included an in-depth analysis of how Jesus trained His disciples. He noticed three distinct aspects of Jesus’ ministry: educational, experiential and relational.

Marks employed those three elements to help him answer the question, “How can we prepare people … to be a disciple?”

He reflected on his previous ministry method at Alexis, “We had been doing all these topical studies – marriage, finances, this or that.”

Marks began to see that if the congregation had a deep “biblical understanding,” then they would be able to approach all aspects of life from a biblical perspective.

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