Replicate Round Up for February 26, 2016

As we find articles and resources that talk about Disciple-Making, we are going to collect them and publish them each Friday.   What If Every Christian Believed They’ve Been Called to Full-Time Ministry?
“This is not just about being a part of a Bible study,” Vanderstelt explains. “It’s about engaging in everyday life with a group of believers, who together, are committed to bringing the experience of Jesus’ rule and reign into a dark world and proclaim the gospel.” Both authors encourage readers of Saturate Field Guide to imagine their cities, neigh­borhoods, schools and workplaces proclaiming the glory of Jesus through words and gracious deeds so that every man, woman, and child has a daily encounter with Jesus.
Trading membership for discipleship helping churches, Christians
Making that difference can look different from church to church, but it boils down to changing the language ministers and congregations use about themselves, said Mark Tidsworth, a South Carolina-based congregational consultant and author of the new book Shift: Three Big Moves for the 21st Century Church.
Why Do We View the Bible with Drudgery Instead of Delight?
Let me start with a candid admission: the Bible can be intimidating. For Christians, we don’t shy away from the Bible because we’re opposed to it; it’s just that, if we’re completely honest, we have a hard time getting excited about it. We often feel about the Bible like we do the “terms and conditions” page that comes up when Apple wants to put new software on our computers. We stare at page after page of tedious mumbo-jumbo, and just want to know, “Where’s the ‘accept all’ button?”
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