Follow Me? Younger Pastors Prioritize Discipleship Despite a Lack of Experience by Aaron Earls

“In Facts & Trends’ Future of the Church study, LifeWay Research asked pastors their top concerns. Younger pastors, those 18 to 44 years old, are more likely than any other age group to say discipleship is the chief concern.”

The One Thing That Keeps Discipling Relationship from Dying by Joanne Kraft

“As a new Christian, I didn’t know how to read my Bible or how to grow in my faith…
I was a grown woman who was painfully thirsty for someone to come alongside and pour wisdom into me. What I was really craving was discipleship.”

Communion with God by David Platt

“Just let that soak in. Any time, all day long. Right now, you have the privilege of meeting with God. I have the privilege of meeting with God.”

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