Replicate Round Up for February 5th, 2020

Replicate Round Up for February 5th, 2020

Increasing vs. Multiplying Your Small Group by Reid Patton

“If you want to create a culture of disciple-making in your church, the best way to accomplish this goal is to focus on multiplying the number of groups instead of increasing the number of people in groups.”

Pastoring a Rural Church Isn’t a “Lesser” Ministry by Cheston Pickard

“Though it’s true that rural and urban churches have many differences, it’s important not to overstate the case. We must stop classifying ourselves to pieces and realize we are all a part of a body that transcends time, space, and geography.”

Good Men Work Hard and Sleep Well by Marshall Segal

“In the wisdom of God, working hard and investing well at home will make a man that much more effective everywhere else.”