Replicate Round Up for January 15th, 2020

Replicate Round Up for January 15th, 2020

From Isolation To Community: How The Church Can Mitigate The Loneliness Epidemic by Kristy Etheridge

“Americans of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and income levels are struggling with loneliness, whether they hail from sleepy, one-stoplight towns or “The City That Never Sleeps.””

5 Attributes to Grow Leadership Influence by Dan Reiland

“The destination is incredibly important, but the journey matters. The purpose of your church sets the direction, but the leaders set the culture.”

The Bible Is A Crockpot, Not A Microwave by Michael Kelley

“As Christians, we aren’t meant to only turn to the Bible when we need some kind of quick spiritual fix. Instead, we are meant to simmer in the Word. To have our lives marinated by the truth we find there.”