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10 Markers of Strong Discipleship Programs

The leaders recognize that everything the church does contributes to discipleship. They think in terms of, “how does everything from the website to the parking lot to the small group to the mission field contribute to our people becoming strong followers of Jesus?” They understand that discipleship is never-ending.

The Secret of Cultivating Discipleship Hearts In Your Children

Cultivating a discipleship heart is separate from teaching faith and moral lessons. It refers to how successful a parent is in helping their child be receptive to these lessons and, moreover, actively seek out the parent’s advice on these issues (and follows that advice willingly). A child has a discipleship heart if they consistently turn to you for help and guidance in meeting their spiritual, emotional, and relational needs and finding answers to their questions about living an abundant life. They do this not only because they have to (because you make them or because they have no other options) but because they want to.

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