Replicate Round Up for January 22nd, 2020

Replicate Round Up for January 22nd, 2020

5 Warning Signs a Leader is Leading at “Too High” a Level by Eric Geiger

“When a leader “flies too high,” the leader can lose passion for the ministry or organization. When a leader is removed from others, the leader is much more likely to make foolish decisions and to live without accountability.”

4 Wins Worth Celebrating In Church Ministry by Kyle Bueermann

“If we only focus on the urgent needs and complaints of the congregation, ministry can become life-sucking. Pastor, that’s why you must focus on wins in your ministry.”

4 Perils of Platform by Jared C. Wilson

“The truth is — whether in writing or ministry or anything else — when we put the weight of glory that only God can carry on anything other than him, the goods simply can’t be delivered.”