Replicate Round Up For July 11th, 2018

Replicate Round Up For July 11th, 2018

Is Christianity Easy or Hard? by Aaron Wilson

“Properly communicating the “difficulty level” of Christianity can be tricky; if the Church depicts Christianity as hard, she risks belittling the atoning work of Christ—making it sound as if salvation depends upon man’s effort. On the other hand, if Christians say following Jesus is easy, they risk downplaying the Lord’s warning to count the cost of discipleship.”

Disciples Stumble by Ken Jones

“A true sense of our failures in thought, word, and deed magnifies the grace of God that saves sinners. And God’s grace magnified triggers gratitude that manifests itself in doing what pleases God.”

Watch Over Your Life by Ronnie Floyd

“In the Scripture, we are instructed to watch over our life and all God gives to us. Our future way in life and even the preservation of our life can depend on our intentionality, discipline, and watchfulness.”