Replicate Round Up for July 17th, 2015

Replicate-Roundup-v3.1-300x143As we find articles and resources that talk about Disciple-Making, we are going to collect them and publish them each Friday.   How about some new metrics?
We need some new metrics because of Jesus’ teachings and priorities. Here’s a Jesus quote not found in any of our four gospels: “Hey, disciples, listen up. Synagogue attendance has been down lately; we need a new campaign to get people here. Maybe we could give away a free donkey to the one who brings the most friends next Saturday.” If we read Scripture carefully, we are more likely to encounter the opposite from Jesus. In Luke 14, our Savior notices a large crowd following him and begins to talk about the extreme cost of discipleship (Jesus’ version of an “en-small-ment” campaign vs. an enlargement campaign). He seemed more focused on quality, not quantity, on faithfulness, not success, and on disciples, not decisions.
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