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Should Parents Force Kids’ Quiet Times?

I understand the tension. Christian parents love the idea of their kids spending time alone with Jesus… but they want it to come from the heart. “If I force the issue, will my children associate God with rules and resent Him?” “Are my kids old enough to understand?” “How can I talk to them about Jesus or quiet times when I don’t have it together myself?”

Making Disciples in Everyday Life

Jeff Vanderstelt talks about what it takes to do discipleship well, what it means to be intentional with the stuff of everyday life, and how to lead ourselves and others into a life that requires the power and presence of Jesus.

‘Are you not entertained?’ Discipleship and Pew Research findings

Many churches figuratively scream (like Russell Crowe’s character in the movie Gladiator) “Are you not entertained?” The resounding answer from many Millennials is, “Thanks, but we’ll find entertainment elsewhere.” If I often fail at personal discipleship (and I’m a pastor), and our churches often fail at corporate discipleship, isn’t the future of the church bleak?

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