5 Lessons in Seven Years of Serving the “Capital C” Church by Eric Geiger

“Every research study I have been a part of that describes how one grows spiritually shows that Bible engagement is the biggest predictor of spiritual maturation.”

The Key To True Discipleship is This: You Never Stop With Head Knowledge! by Jim Putnam

“Many pastors are frustrated by the fact that most Christians are too busy to come to more than a worship service. Because of this, they pour all they have into that one venue. As a result, they have created a knowledge-based environment for discipling…But remember, discipleship requires more than a head-level change.”

5 Reasons Churches Should Teach Theology to Children by Jon Nielson

“If we do not carefully guide our children’s theological reflections, their theological reflections will most certainly be guided and shaped by other forces—by television, the internet, their classmates, or even teachers and/or coaches who do not know the Lord.”

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