Replicate Round Up for June 19th, 2019

Replicate Round Up for June 19th, 2019

Are We Making Disciples or Just Big Crowds? by Jared Wilson

“I am convinced that too many evangelical churches in the United States are overly fixated on bigness…because we can often achieve a kind of success focusing on those things that give the impression we are on the right track.”

My Top 5 Recent Reflections on American Disciple Making by Bobby Harrington

“Summer is almost upon us and many of us take this time of transition to reflect and to look forward…When you choose to be a disciple who makes disciples, we call you a hero, and our goal is to guide heroes like you.”

5 Signs You’re Becoming an Irrelevant Leader by Carey Nieuwhof

“You can debate how important relevance is all day long (and many do), but the truth is irrelevant leaders make almost no impact on the people or causes around them.”