Replicate Round Up For June 27th, 2018

Replicate Round Up For June 27th, 2018

Go Multiply by Craig Etheridge

“Jesus saw that one day His disciples would bear lasting fruit. One day, they would set in motion a movement of multiplication that could not be stopped. Multiplication is still what Jesus wants from those who follow Him. He wants you to multiply your life.”

The Gospel and Your Work by Jason Allen

“It is the context in which we spend the bulk of our adult lives, and it is the primary arena in which we can glorify Christ. And as we work intentionally for God’s glory, our work lives can become a potent gospel witness.”

“Jesus and Me” Christianity by Paul Tripp

“From the outset, God designed men and women to be social beings. If community was vital in the perfect world before sin bent and twisted us, and our surroundings, how much more vital is it now that we live in a fallen world!”