Our Pandemically Poor Ecclesiology by Jared C. Wilson

“So people are noticing what churches are doing and not doing. We have an opportunity here — whether you gather or don’t gather — to make Jesus look big to a watching world.

Don’t Quarantine the Great Commission by Russell Moore

“Prudence and precaution is not a sign of panic or fearfulness, but, as the Bible commands us, of bearing one another’s burdens (Gal. 6:2) and thinking more highly of others than ourselves (Phil 2:3).”

How Your Church Can Bring Stability To The Community During Covid-19 by Josh King

“It seems like we need each other more than ever. Not just individuals, but churches. This is a time when local churches can band together for the sake of the gospel, for the good of the people in our communities, and for the glory of God.”

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