Is “Missions” Undermining the Great Commission? by Brooks Buser

“…that task seems to have been replaced by a degree of fuzziness, usually encapsulated in the word “missions.” Missions has become a catch-all that can mean whatever we want it to mean.”

Why is the Culture of a Disciple Making Church So Important? by Bobby Harrington

“A disciple making church culture is what your church actually does in disciple making; strategy is your plans on paper. Unfortunately, while we have good intentions to make disciples, our strategy and church culture do not always line up.”

5 Rather Startling Reasons People Leave Your Church by Carey Nieuwhof

“No matter how long you’ve been in leadership, it still hurts when people leave your church…But what most leaders aren’t prepared for is the reality that people will leave when things are going well. Even when they’re going really well.”

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