Replicate Round Up for May 15th, 2019

Replicate Round Up for May 15th, 2019

Why Character Matters for Pastors by Joel Rainey

“One of the things I was blessed with throughout 27 years of vocational ministry is older pastors who continually reminded me of what’s most important. “More than anything else,” they said, “guard your character. Nothing matters more.” I believed them then, but now I understand how serious they really were.”

The Most Important Thing in the World by David Platt

“Prayer is an expression of our need for God…We don’t just need him in extreme situations. We are desperate for him in every single situation in our lives.”

The Power of Commitment by Craig Etheredge

” When you make a commitment to something, it leads you to a new place of growth and maturity…It’s a struggle. It’s hard. But you follow through with your commitment and you grow as a result.”