How Do You Make Disciples? by Craig Etheredge

“The question of whether or not the program is actually producing disciples is seldom asked. So, how do you make disciples in a local church?…Jesus loved the church. Jesus started the church. Jesus gave the Great Commission to the church. The early church was a disciple-making machine.”

3 Takeaways from New Research on Americans and the Bible

“We’ve got our work cut out for us if we want to increase Bible engagement across America. Thankfully, we’ve got the opportunity to build on widespread appreciation for the Bible in our evangelistic efforts.” 

What’s the Best Way to Get Men Excited to Tell Other Men About Jesus

“A better approach is to simply, repeatedly, and constantly help men more fully see just how wonderful Jesus is. The more a man knows about Jesus, the more excited he will become.” 

Easter Aftermath: Remember Easter?

“Making disciples is not a static process. Events and programs typically are. The real challenge is leveraging these static events for the greater investment of making disciples who make disciplemakers.”

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