Replicate Round Up For May 30th, 2018

Replicate Round Up For May 30th, 2018

Why Do We Settle For Making Converts When We Are Called To Make Disciples? by Jim Putman

“A pervasive lack of intentional disciple-making creates a church full of people who have heard and accepted the message of Jesus saves, but somehow missed that Jesus has something to say about how we live every day.”

The Right Reasons for Discipleship by Tim Henderson

“Movement growth enables us to minister to more people. It means everyone on campus will have the opportunity to hear about Jesus and to grow more deeply in the knowledge of Him. Those kingdom building efforts will then in turn raise up more leaders.”

Those Curious About The Bible Already Read It by Aaron Earls

“63 percent say they are curious to know more about Jesus, including 31 percent who agree strongly. That could be good news for Christians looking to spark spiritual conversations with their neighbors, but the curious are also likely to be those who are already reading Scripture.”