4 Necessary Traits of an Effective Disciple Maker by Bryan Loritts

“To be a follower of Jesus is to embrace the invitation to produce reproducing followers of Jesus Christ—to make disciples. The life and teachings of Jesus are so explicit in this regard, there’s no doubt we’ll have to answer to Him when we stand in His presence.”

5 Sins Leaders Must Constantly Give New Wounds To by Eric Geiger

“The more we think our sin is quiet, the more susceptible we are to its deception and destruction. If we think we are standing firm, we are more likely to fall.”

Who Are the Outcasts in (Some) Churches? by Thom Rainer

“The word “outcasts” seems strong. Perhaps it is. But, after over 30 years of working with thousands of congregations in North America, I think the nomenclature is close to reality.”

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