Replicate Round Up For May 9th, 2018

Replicate Round Up For May 9th, 2018

Don’t Miss This: You Need to Get in the Game by Jim Putman

“Jesus got his disciples ‘In The Game’. They did not just sit on the sidelines watching Him meet all the needs of the people. Jesus valued their involvement and used it for their growth as disciples. He used this opportunity to train them so that they would know how to train others in the future.”

What Apple Gets About Disciple Making by Craig Etheredge

“His plan was so simple and yet so profound. Jesus drew men to himself, let them follow him until they got it, and then he sent them out to reproduce.”

4 Recommendations for Pursuing Humility by Chris Hefner

“Being a leader who communicates and gives direction regularly can buoy one’s ego. But it is important to realize that God is not interested in my ego…God favors the humble.”

From Consuming to Cultivating and Creating…in Church by Trevin Wax

“As we grow in holiness and discipleship, we must move from seeing ourselves as passive consumers of experiences that other people have created for us, and begin to see ourselves as ministers through whom God can work in the lives of the people coming up behind us.”