Replicate Round Up for October 10th, 2018

Replicate Round Up for October 10th, 2018

Matt Capps Interview on Inter-Generational Discipleship

An interview with Matt Capps on ways to create discipleship across generations in the church.

Why We Should Escape Social Media (And Why We Don’t) by Tony Reinke

“Social media is a brew of emotionally stimulating drugs we mix for ourselves. And it means to leave social media, even for a few days or just a couple weeks, is to encounter the harsh reality that we will be un-missed on our absence.”

5 New Character Rules Every Should Follow by Carey Nieuwhof

“There have been far too many stories of church leaders, business leaders, politicians, athletes and other public figures whose private walk has not measured up to their public talk and whose integrity has been far less than expected or needed.”