Replicate Round Up For October 23rd, 2019

Replicate Round Up For October 23rd, 2019

3 Reasons Church Leaders Should Observe The Sabbath by Russell L. Meek

“God created us such that there’s a built-in mechanism for confessing our dependence upon—and therefore worship of—Him.”

Lessons from the Radical Leadership of Jesus by Pete Scazzero

“P.S. Jesus constantly called people to the totality of discipleship (“Let the dead bury their own dead”), refusing to accept a half-repentance, a semi-serious commitment or a decrease in zeal for his kingdom.”

Dumbed Down? Why Reading the Bible Is so Elusive—Yet so Vitally Important by Ed Stetzer

“Living intentionally as salt and light on this earth won’t happen on accident; believers who remain in the Word are able to bear witness to Christ’s love more so than they ever could apart from its guidance.”