Replicate Round Up For October 3rd, 2018

Replicate Round Up For October 3rd, 2018

12 Marks Of A Wise And Trustworthy Leader by Danny Akin

“The Psalms are an endless well from which the Christain can draw out practical ways to live the Christian life…I found 12 marks for a wise and trustworthy leader.”

Evangelism And Discipleship: Can They Effectively Work Together? by Bill Hull and Bobby Harrington

“Some people think about the two as competitors or at odds with each other. But is it possible that discipleship and evangelism are not in competition? Could it be that they are like brothers from the same father?”

When Your Faith Gets Boring by Elizabeth Woodson

“Do you ever feel bored in your relationship with God? In those seasons, it’s important to remember that the more we come to know about God and allow ourselves to be transformed by truth, the more our hearts are supernaturally shaped to love and be excited by what He loves.”