Replicate Round Up for September 4th, 2015

Replicate-Roundup-v3.1-300x143As we find articles and resources that talk about Disciple-Making, we are going to collect them and publish them each Friday.   Five Simple Steps to Mentor New Believers (Without Overworking the Pastor)
If your’re not happy with your small church’s discipleship program (or it may not even exist), I have some good news. You don’t need an expensive, staff-heavy curriculum to do great follow-up with new believers. And it doesn’t need to kill your already-over-busy schedule either. After a few hit-and-miss attempts, our church has discovered a simple five-step process that can work for any small church. And it looks suspiciously similar to what Jesus, Paul and many other early church leaders did.
Making disciples: accidentally or intentionally?
“How do you share the gospel with 700,000 people in a year in a closed country?” Jeremiah asks. “We’re not doing stadium stuff. It’s because everyone’s doing it. How do you get everyone doing it? It’s this process of reproducibility that’s beat into the whole system and idea.”
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