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3. Perceive: Analyze potential group members

Your D-Group should consist of F.A.T. believers: Faithful, Available, and Teachable. You are looking for believers who have a desire to grow in their, a passion for the things of God, and a disposition to learn. Look for people who are already in your concentric circles: church, Sunday school class, small group, job, neighborhood, etc.

4. Proceed: Gather a group of people

After identifying a few potential people, prayerfully approach two to three individuals and ask, “Would you be interested in studying the Bible together? Would you be interested in memorizing Scripture and praying together?” I have personally found that many people are open to that. All you have to do is ask. Never say, “Would you like for me to disciple you?” as this question may come across in a derogatory manner. Keep in mind, men should disciple men, and women should disciple women.

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