Stuck on Step 2 of Discipleship? Discipleship Blueprint 2.0 is almost full

Stuck on Step 2 of Discipleship? Discipleship Blueprint 2.0 is almost full

We’ve been offering our Discipleship Blueprint training for several years. We’ve had thousands of people come to Nashville to be trained onsite by our team. Since we’ve delivered the course as a digital download, we’ve been able to train thousands of more churches as well. If you’ve not taken the plunge on our initial training, we highly recommend you do it as soon as possible. Your church will never be the same. Are you struggling with sustaining a discipleship culture? In just a few weeks, we will be offering, for the first time, the Discipleship Blueprint 2.0 workshop live at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN. If you have a discipleship ministry up and running at your church, how do you sustain the culture going forward? We’ve been working on that for the past few years, and we’re ready to unveil what we’ve been learning.
You’ve created a Discipleship Pathway, launched discipleship groups and created a discipleship culture in your church…now what?

Discipleship Training Sessions in Blueprint 2.0

  • Overcoming Obstacles to Sustain a Disciple-making Movement.
  • The One Thing You Shouldn’t Outsource.
  • How a Healthy Staff Leads to a Healthy Church.
  • Moving from Meeting to Multiplying
  • Mobilizing Disciples to Engage the Lost.
  • Staying Fresh and Finishing Well.
  • Discipling the Next Generation

Sustaining a Discipleship Culture

If you’re at a church that you want to make sure stays on the path regardless of who the senior pastor is, how the budget looks, or who is on the personnel team, you’ll want to join us at Discipleship Blueprint 2.0. There are just a few slots left, so grab your tickets without delay. We’ve designed the training to be as affordable as possible, and we know you’ll have countless things to take back and implement into your church. Are you finding sustaining a discipleship culture difficult to do on your own? Our techniques will show you how to build a culture that will last. Do you have any questions about the event? Send us an email, and we will do our best to help. See you in a few weeks!