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The Subtle Way Amazon Delivery Drones Affect Discipleship

We live in a “I want it NOW!” society, but rarely can one get a product “now.” Amazon suggested a solution to this dilemma in 2005. They implemented a two-day shipping option for a minimal yearly fee (along with overnight shipping for an additional small fee). The two-day wait is a small price to pay to avoid leaving the comfort of your home, searching through endless store aisles, and standing in long lines to obtain that irresistible item on your “got-to-have-it list.” However, two days has become two days too long (or 47 hours and 30 minutes to be exact). On Sunday, Amazon took their shipping strategy to the stratosphere, almost literally. No longer will buyers have to wait days for a package to arrive. With a click of a button, an unmanned aerial vehicle will deliver your package to your doorstep in thirty minutes or less. Don’t believe me? Check out the video! The company boasts that Amazon Prime Air will revolutionize online shopping. Read More
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