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Are Your Sunday School Classes or Small Groups Hindering Growth in Your Church?

In years past, someone’s spiritual maturity has been measured largely by their church attendance. Many churches even select deacons based on how faithful they are to attend services, e.g. Sunday morning, Sunday School, Sunday night, or Wednesday night. Unfortunately, merely showing up doesn’t always equate to spiritual maturity. In the same manner, simply hearing or learning biblical information doesn’t produce spiritual growth. Spiritual maturity doesn’t just happen through introduction of new information or Biblical facts, but through repetition and reiteration. Many churches across the world have created a problem in their body. I call it the “Bloated Christian Syndrome.” Christians get fed so much information but are unable to digest any of it. I tell our people often, “You don't need to attend another Bible study. You need to start investing in others the Bible you already know!” Imagine this: you come to church on a Sunday morning to hear a message about a topic, then you head to Sunday School to hear a different message about a different topic, and then you come back that evening (like a “good Christian”) for yet another message on a different topic. Then, three days later, you attend a Wednesday night prayer meeting with a devotional about a different text on a different topic! If you had time, you might have headed to a Tuesday morning bible study about something different, on top of your daily Bible reading, Scripture memory, and discipleship group books. I’m overwhelmed just talking about it. We have bought into the idea that growth happens through introduction of information. It’s more than that. True transformation doesn’t happen through transfer of information, alone. Read More
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