True North

True North: You Become What You Think

There are two North Poles in the world. The geographical North pole and the magnetic North Pole. The magnetic pole is the point where the magnetic field poles enter the earth. True North Pole is the point at which the pole passes through the rotation axis of the earth. This is the North Pole that is shown on most maps. If you stick a steel rod through the earth and rotated it around the pole, that would be the true North Pole. Here is the problem. Magnetic north, which is on a compass, differs from true north because the world is round and not flat. Magnetic north will vary depending where you are. True north, on the other hand, will always point you to the North Pole. If you’re heading to the North Pole and follow a compass, you may wind up as far as 590 miles off course. Each of us is leading our lives in a direction. Some of us are holding a compass in the direction of magnetic north. Others are heading toward true north. The Bible is the only thing that will lead us toward true north. Every person in here is either informed by the word (true north) or the world (magnetic north). God gave us a roadmap with how he laid out the Old Testament. We refer to the first half of the Bible as the Old Testament. But the Jewish people call it the Tanak. We have the exact same books; however, the layout is different. The Old Testament is divided into 3 sections: Torah, Neviim, and Ketuvim. If you supply an a between each letter, you have the Tanak. Read More
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