TAKE THE TEST: Are you a Consumer or a Co-Worker?

  The words I dredded hearing in High School were: “Close you Books, put your notebooks under you desk, and take a half sheet of paper out: POP QUIZ.” I want to bring you back to the days of High School for a different kind of Pop Quiz. The quiz will determine whether you are a Co-Worker or a Consumer of Ministry.
  • A Consumer is a Spectator. A Co-worker is a Participator.
  • A Consumer Shows up late to the Service.
  • A Co-Worker Arrives Early.
  • A Consumer Comes to Sit and Get.
  • A Co-worker Looks to Go and Serve.
  • A Consumer tunes to WIIFM: What’s In it For Me.
  • A Co-worker tunes to WIIFY: What’s In if for You.
  • A Consumer Only Takes In.
  • A Co-Worker Pours Out to Others.
  • A Consumer Sees himself as a Cistern of Truth.
  • A Co-Worker Sees Himself as a Channel of Blessing.
There are 3 Types of People in the Church: Those Who Make Things happen. Those who Watch things Happen. And those who Wonder, “What the Heck Just Happened.” In the New Testament, We See Jesus calling his disciples to be Co-Workers (It’s called the Great Co-Mission, not the Great Mission). He never expected us to come and sit but to go and serve. So Which One are You?