Teaching Children to Stand on Biblical Convictions

041715Who doesn’t love the account of Daniel? It’s not every day we hear about young people acting boldly for their convictions. The choices Daniel made in his devotion to God are examples for all of us to follow. We see the emphasis in the life of Daniel on making wise choices and sticking to them, even in the face of ridicule! Children love hearing these stories about Daniel because they can relate somewhat to him. Kids are faced with situations every day where they must make decisions for right or wrong. Many times these decisions come with the added pressure of what peers will think of them, based on the choices they make. Remember back when you were the ages of your children? Those were difficult years for many of us, and equally challenging now to know how to lead kids down the best path. Although it feels overwhelming at times, God wouldn’t have entrusted you with these children if He didn’t make it possible for you to raise them in the ways of the Lord. So, parents, how are you guiding your children in making wise choices for their own lives? As you counsel your youngest family members during these influential years, consider these types of discussion questions as you communicate with them throughout the days ahead:
  • “Are the kids you hang out with respectful and kind to others?”
  • “Do you think the choice you’re making in this situation is pleasing to God?”
  • “What would help you be bold about the choices you make at school and with friends you play with in the neighborhood?”
  • “Do you ever pray about difficult choices you have to make each day?”
Encourage your children by letting them know you’re praying for them each day as they have tough decisions to make. That will mean a lot to them! Also, remind them of this great verse found in Ephesians 6:10, where it says, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.” Your kids can stand on this promise in the situations they encounter with friends. God will bless them for it just as He did with Daniel. Can you do me a favor? If these ideas resonate with you, would you:   • REACT. Do something.   • RESPOND. Leave a comment on this post.   • REPOST. Repost this link on Twitter, Facebook or your blog.