Every church wants to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples.

Often, we find our ministry is geared to get as many people in the front door of our church as possible. The challenge is that people are leaving through the back door of the church just as quickly as they enter the front. We need to grow our people beyond simply being inviters to being investors. We teach them to share their faith but they need to learn to share their lives.

“Jesus devoted 90% of his time to discipling twelve men.” – Robby Gallaty

Jesus used a radically different approach than what we see in the church today. We devote so much of our time to evangelistic strategies we often neglect discipleship. Disciplemaking is both evangelism and discipleship. We need to show our people that Jesus didn’t just save them from something (evangelism), but for something (discipleship). We must focus on both. We need a strategy founded on biblical principles that is practical and reproducible.

Imagine seeing a multiplying, disciple-making movement ignite in your church or ministry.

Discipleship isn’t a class you take, a program you attend, or a book you study, discipleship is the course of your life. Learn a tried and tested process for multiplying disciples in your ministry context. Our team can help you launch a disciple-making movement in your church or ministry.

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