John Smith

The Replicate process has been a fresh wind behind the sails of our leadership. It has helped us see a vision of what are called to do. For the first time in a long time, we are excited and ready for the future. Read More

Lauren Brown

The Dream Disciple isn’t just talked about in our church, but in the homes of our church members. It provides a guide to help every parent not just assess their own spiritual walk, but help them assess their child’s spiritual walk. Read More

Robby Gallaty

Long Hollow is an incredibly unique context, forcing me to communicate my disciple-making passion in a way that resonated with our people. Additionally, the Dream Disciple created an excitement in our congregation to get involved in making disciples locally and globally. Read More

Todd Kaunitz

At New Beginnings we have shifted our focus from numerical growth being our primary measurement and have moved to a deep conviction of raising up an army of Spirit filled followers of Jesus who understand how to live on mission where they live, work, and play. We measure success by… Read More

Jeremy Smith

“I didn’t get into ministry to run an organization, I got into it to make disciples. Developing our Dream Disciple roles brought me back to what ministry is all about. It also rejuvenated and reoriented our staff to measure and celebrate what’s most important.”… Read More

James Doughty

“Developing our Dream Disciple has reshaped our church and how I lead. It has given clarity to our people and has helped me to be more practical in the way I approach my sermons every week.”… Read More

Creed Spenrath

I would highly encourage anybody to go through this process just because of the simple fact that it will help you truly understand who you are and who God has called you to be. Read More

Daniel Norris

Just going through that whole disciple story process of writing out my story and then looking at how the how impactful those hinge moments were really helped me look back at the past and look at the the way God has used all of those things to shape me into… Read More

Caroline Lowe

This helped me identify exactly what my calling was and what my giftings are so that I can serve God to the best of my abilities and those around me in the church. Read More

Ashley Ludwig

After doing DiscipleStory, I realized that God gives me a personal calling, considering how He’s made me with my specific strengths and weaknesses and personality and passion. Read More