DiscipleStory Process

Creed Spenrath

I would highly encourage anybody to go through this process just because of the simple fact that it will help you truly understand who you are and who God has called you to be. Read More

Daniel Norris

Just going through that whole disciple story process of writing out my story and then looking at how the how impactful those hinge moments were really helped me look back at the past and look at the the way God has used all of those things to shape me into… Read More

Ashley Ludwig

After doing DiscipleStory, I realized that God gives me a personal calling, considering how He’s made me with my specific strengths and weaknesses and personality and passion. Read More

Todd Smeltzer

One of my primary longings in life has been to fulfill all that God has created for me to accomplish for His glory. DiscipleStory provided a rare opportunity to step back and prayerfully work through a proven process of discerning God’s calling on my life. The result was… Read More

Quintell Hill

Replicate has been extremely helpful during this season of my life. I’ve discovered my one thing that God has called me to do with my life. It’s been a huge benefit for me and for my church. Read More