I am an information junkie. Okay, junkie is probably not the best terminology to use, but you get what I mean. Eight years of graduate and post-graduate work has cultivated an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Prior to grasping the concept of blogging, I, like most, purchased promising paperbacks from the local Books-A-Million or Barnes and Nobles. My perspective of ingesting knowledge changed the day I stumbled upon a blog post while surfing the web. Since then, a large majority of my time online consists of reading blogs.

Early on in your journey through the blogosphere, you will discover how easy it is to get lost at sea in the ocean of online information. You may be asking yourself: Whom should I read? Where should I start?

After much research and reading, I have compiled a list of bloggers you should check out (The list is in no particular order):

Ed Stetzer
In addition to being the President of Lifeway Research, Ed travels the world providing biblical insight to relevant issues of today. You will find research about churches, trends, and developments.
You can find his blog at: www.EdStetzer.com
You can follow him on Twitter: @EdStetzer

Clayton King
Clayton is the founder of Crosswords Worldwide/Clayton King Ministries and teaching pastor at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC. During the school year, he serves as Campus Pastor for Liberty University. Like his messages, you will find his blog both engaging and relevant.
You can find his blog at: www.ClaytonKing.com
You can follow him on twitter: @Clayton_King

Jon Acuff
In addition to posting interesting “stuff that Christians like,” John is on a mission to remove the phrase status quo from our vocabulary. As the title of his New York Times Bestselling book states, Start outlines five stages for “doing work that matters.”
You can find his blog at: www.JohnAcuff.com
You can follow him on twitter: @JohnAcuff

Brian Dodd
Brain works as a Tribal Leader for the Rocket Company, an organization that assists pastors to preach better sermons and churches to cultivate a generous culture. He consistently delivers quality leadership information in the form of quotes, books, resources, and articles. You will want to bookmark his site.
You can find his blog at: www.BrianDoddOnLeadership.com
You can follow him on twitter: @BrianKDodd

Derwin Gray
Derwin is the Lead Pastor of Transformation Church, a multi-ethnic church reaching its neighborhood and the nation for Christ. The mission of the church, Upward, Inward, and Outward, is a battle cry for its members. His blog, Just Marinating, always lives up to its name.
You can find his blog at: www.DerwinLGray.com
You can follow him on twitter at: @DerwinLGray

Larry Osborne
As a self-professed contrarian—he wrote A Contrarians Guide to Knowing God—Larry always causes me to reconsider my presuppositions about the church, ministry, and leading others.
You can find his blog at: www.LarryOsbornelive.com
You can follow him on twitter: @LarryOsborne

Eric Geiger
As the Vice President of Lifeway Christian Resources, Eric provides practical insights, applicable articles, and useful resources for ministry leaders and pastors. This year he is interviewing various leaders about the topic of discipleship. You may know Eric from his bestselling book: Simple Church.
You can find his blog at: www.EricGeiger.com
You can follow him on twitter: @RealEricGeiger

Bruce Frank
Bruce is the lead pastor of Biltmore Baptist Church, a multi-campus church located in North Carolina. He covers topics ranging from age-graded ministries to leadership development. You will enjoy the practicality of his posts.
You can find his blog at: www.BruceFrank.org
You can follow him on twitter: @BruceFrank1

Russell Moore
Dr. Moore is the newly appointed President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee of the SBC. Whenever I have a question about a theological or ethical issue, I search his blog Moore to the Point. He has been immensely helpful in developing a biblical framework for issues about marriage, gender issues, politics, and adoption, to name a few.
You can find his blog at: www.RussellMoore.com
You can follow him on twitter: @DrMoore

Gospel Centered Discipleship
This helpful blog is a resource for anyone seeking to “make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus.” A number of people contribute to the blog on topics such as discipleship theology, gospel identity, and evangelism.
You can find the blog at: www.GospelCenteredDiscipleship.com
You can follow one of the contributors on twitter: @JonathanDodson

Matt Brown
Matt is passionate about reaching people with the gospel. He recently united with Franklin Graham in an outreach event that drew over 100,000 people. His blog is overflowing with resources to aid you in showing and sharing the gospel with a lost world.
You can find his blog at: www.Thinke.org
You can follow him on twitter: @EvangelistMatt

Ron Edmonson
Ron is the Senior Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Lexington, KY. With more than 30 years in ministry, his blog is an overflow of pastoral experience. With over 100,000 twitter followers, he is a social mediapreneur.
You can find his blog at: www.RonEdmondson.com
You can follow him on twitter: @RonEdmondson

This site is a one-stop shop of blog posts from a diverse mix of ministry leaders. I have reposted multiple articles from the site.
You can find the blog at: www.ChurchLeaders.com
You can follow them on twitter: @ChurchLead

Tony Morgan
Tony is a ministry consultant and leadership coach who assists churches in “getting unstuck,” as his blog states. His site contains interviews, strategies, and ideas that are beneficial to anyone in ministry.
You can find his blog at: www.TonyMorganlive.com
Or follow him on twitter: @TonyMorganLive

Justin Lathrop
Justin is the Founder of HelpStaff.me and Co-Founder of the Oaks School of Leadership as well as Ministrycoach.tv. Justin is like human velcro. Through his various connections with people, he blogs about leading staff, social media, networking, and everything in between.
You can find his blog at: www.JustinLathrop.com
You can follow him on twitter: @JustinLathrop

Under the leadership of bestselling author and Pastor David Platt (@plattdavid), Radical.net is devoted to making God’s glory known to the nations by mobilizing the saints. You will find resources, messages, and dates for upcoming events.
You can find the blog at: www.Radical.net
You can follow on twitter: @FollowRadical

The Gospel Coalition
I read 3 blogs on this one site:

Justin Taylor
His blog Between Two Worlds delivers solid biblical advice, helpful book reviews, and insightful videos. You will benefit from spending time at his blog.
You can find his blog at: www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/justintaylor
You can follow him on twitter: @Between2Worlds

Trevin Wax
Trevin is the managing editor of The Gospel Project. Whenever he speaks to a particular topic, I listen. Whether the topic is preaching, evangelism, or missions, Trevin is a voice to be heard. His blog is “worth a look.”
You can find his blog at: www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/trevinwax
You can follow him on twitter: @TrevinWax

Kevin DeYoung
Kevin is the Senior Pastor at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, MI. In addition to pastoring and blogging, Kevin has written eight books on everything from ecclesiology, missiology, and theology.
You can find his blog at: www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/kevindeyoung
You can follow him on twitter: @RevKevDeYoung

Obviously, this list is not an exhaustive list.
What blogs are missing?


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