The Characteristics Of A Godly Person - Part 2

The Characteristics Of A Godly Person - Part 2

Last week we posted part one of three characteristics of a godly person. In it we defined godliness and talked about the first character quality taken from Psalm 1. Today we will examine the second characteristic of a godly person. A godly person not only separates themselves from the world, they are satisfied by the Word.

Satisfied By The Word

But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. (Psalm 1:2, ESV) The godly person is satisfied by the Word of God. In fact, God’s Word has his affection. The word translated “delight” is an interesting word in the Hebrew language. It has the idea of having an “undying love for” someone or something. So, the godly person has a “delight in the law of the Lord,” that is to say they have an “undying love for” the Word of God! It is this same attitude that’s expressed by the psalmist in Psalm 119; where the psalmist says that they desire God’s Word more than food (119:103), sleep (119:148), and wealth (119:72, 119:127). [bctt tweet=”The godly person is satisfied by the Word of God” username=””] The Word has not only captured the godly person’s affection, but it has also captured their attention. Notice the word translated “meditate.” This word carries the idea that the godly person will saturate their life with the Word of God. It is the idea of reflecting deeply over the word of God and having it continually on your heart and in your mind.

Application for D-Group Leaders

I would highly encourage you to impress on your D-Group members how precious the Word of God is, how the Word of God is such a gift to us and how blessed we are to have a copy of it. Not only tell your group these things, but show them by your manner of life that you have a high regard for God’s Word. Although we don’t worship the Bible, we worship the God of the Bible! Photo by Elise Mahutte on Unsplash