Last week we looked at the disciplemaker as a mentor. Today we will continue looking at the different roles that a disciplemaker can have by looking at the disciplemaker as a counselor.

One of the many roles of a disciplemaker is that of counselor. A counselor, by definition, is one who gives guidance on personal, social, or psychological issues. As you meet with your D-Group, it may be necessary at times to counsel individual members in the group; helping them to work through difficult life issues or problems.

Biblical Counseling

If the Bible is the textbook for disciplemakers, then we should help those we invest in see how the Word of God applies to real life situations, especially problems and struggles. Because the Bible is authoritative, it becomes the lens through which we see the human condition and the scriptures help us to come to understand God’s perspective regarding the issues of life. Some biblical counselors go as far as to say (when talking about the sufficiency of Scripture) that biblical counseling is “the private ministry of the Word of God tailored to people.”

Since only Jesus, by His Spirit, can bring about transformation and change in a person’s life, we must seek to lead people to Him. People in our groups get to know His purpose, His character, and His ways through Bible engagement. The disciplemaker, as counselor, helps individuals in the group to see the struggles and issues they are facing in the light of scripture and find necessary next steps to overcome and find victory over the situation.

Since only Jesus, by His Spirit, can bring about transformation and change in a person’s life, we must seek to lead people to Him. Click To Tweet

Out of the Group

The skilled disciplemaker doesn’t let his group time become a counseling session. When struggles arise and surface, rather than spending all of your group time counseling one’s person’s issue, schedule an outside of group time to meet with them to help them see it from God’s perspective and offer godly counsel. Schedule a time for a lunch or a coffee with the individual, but don’t use up everyone’s time in the group time for one person’s issue. Let them know that they are important, but so is the group time. However, there are times when a crisis occurs, and the group should be flexible enough to pray over the person or person’s family that might be facing the crisis.

Professional Referral

On some occasions, what the person may be dealing with will be beyond your ability to pray and give them godly counsel. There may be times when a group member needs professional help, help that a certified counselor must provide, help that you cannot provide. The person may need a long-term counseling relationship with a trained professional. Don’t be afraid to refer them so that they can get the help that they need. You do them a disservice by not referring them on to professional help.


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