The Forgotten Jesus for Your Groups

A small-group version of The Forgotten Jesus is now available from LifeWay Christian Resources. A recent post highlighted the value of leading a group through this content that introduces a neglected and crucial aspect of a disciple’s desire to know Jesus to the fullest extent and develop an honest and comprehensive Christology. What Robby calls “replacement theology,” it’s become increasingly clear that we have to a large degree over-westernized Jesus of the New Testament. The effect is an inaccurate understanding of the person and divinity of Christ that can only be corrected by revisiting His home — the community in which He was raised and to whom He ministered. To know Jesus in this way asks us to consider the culture, customs, and linguistic nuances of His times. This Bible study includes videos featuring author Robby Gallaty, discussion questions for your group, leader help, and follow-up study for group members — all crafted for the sake of knowing Jesus more intimately. This easy-to-lead study uses the following outline and 6 small-group discussions to peel back the layers of cultural Christianity that have developed over the centuries to reveal the authentic Christ of the Gospels:
  • Considering Jesus’ Jewishness
  • Jesus’ Childhood
  • Jesus’ Teaching Ministry
  • Messianic Miracles
  • The Last Week
  • Words from the Cross
The Forgotten Jesus is appropriate for multiple disciple-making environments within your church community. From new disciples to age groups to those that may have grown stagnant in their faith, this small-group experience offers fresh and exciting contributions to the journey of a disciple. Here are just a few segments of your church appropriate for a deeper dive into The Forgotten Jesus: New Disciples – Perhaps there is no group more susceptible to cultural Christianity than new believers or new disciples. These individuals come in to their new life in Christ mostly in one of two ways: knowing very little about Jesus or the wrong things about Jesus. The Forgotten Jesus message can orient in the former and re-orient in the latter. Couples – Just as easily a general discipleship group, The Forgotten Jesus offers a great way for couples to work out their faith together. Including between-group individual study, this experience is a natural segue for couples to grow as disciples through content that challenges presuppositions and conclusions of cultural Christianity. Men’s GroupThe Forgotten Jesus is perfect for men in that it gets to the heart of who Jesus is. In a man-to-man way, this small-group study explores Jesus’ relationship with His community and family. Men will appreciate Pastor Robby’s straight-forward style and coming to know Jesus more truly as a man of His times. Women’s Group – For the group that typically meets for Bible study, The Forgotten Jesus represents a nice change of pace with a unique take on such subject matter. While these groups have likely studied Jesus in previous studies, there’s a good chance they haven’t undertaken a serious study of Him through the lens of the culture and community to which He ministered. New Member Class – Why not start new members with the simple facts of who Jesus is and was? The beauty of offering The Forgotten Jesus to new members is that if re-enforces both a strong Christology as well as uncompromised centrality of the gospel of Jesus as the centerpiece of your church. Church-wide Study – A narrow, intentional study of Jesus through the filter of The Forgotten Jesus makes a great campaign or church-wide study, particularly in those regions where cultural Christianity may be most pervasive. Challenge the congregation to know Jesus again for the first time. Not everybody knows that the Group Use Bundle at applies to church-wide use, which makes offering this study church-wide much more accessible. For more information or to view samples of videos and study material associated with The Forgotten Jesus, visit