The Gospel Project: Group Ministry In The Local Church


According to the research behind Transformational Groups, the majority of church attenders don’t believe groups are that important to the church. However, we believe that groups are vital to the ministry of the local church. In fact, a survey among Protestant pastors, 76% agree (32% strongly) that groups are the primary network to mobilize their church and its work. Why is there such a discrepancy between the church leaders and their members?

Transformation is a communal experience, not an individual exercise. Leaders understand that gospel transformation takes time, patience, endurance, organization, and unified direction. While many leaders agree that groups are vital to gospel transformation, some need help in designing a group structure that will fuel gospel growth. Moreover, it’s not easy to connect people to groups.

For these reasons, The Gospel Project is excited about hosting a discussion panel on Group Ministry in the Local Church at Together for the Gospel on Wednesday, April 9th in the zero dollar book store from 2:00-2:40. Our panelists will include:

During the discussion our panelists will explore the theological foundations (why) and practical applications (how) of group ministry.
  • How do you integrate a group philosophy into your churches overall theological vision for ministry?

  • Should groups be on campus or off campus?

  • How do you raise and train new leaders for groups?

  • Should groups monologue or dialogue?

  • How do you connect the spiritual disciplines into the structure of your groups?

  • How do you multiply groups?

  • Should groups have an outward or inward focus?

  • How do you cast vision for groups from the pulpit?

  • Should groups primarily gather to study the Bible or focus on fellowship?

​Should groups primarily gather to study the Bible or focus on fellowship? We believe that groups are vital for moving people deeper into the Word, learning how to apply the gospel to everyday life, and motivating missional living. During this discussion the panelist will offer practical insights for leading groups in your ministry context.