The Issues I Cover in Rediscovering Discipleship

5c3daf76-a454-4965-973e-8cb9aad9ff84 Rediscovering Discipleship is my new book that’s being released tomorrow. Here are some of the issues I cover:
  1. How does First Century discipleship differ from present day discipleship strategies?
  2. Why I believe that a return to discipleship will bring about the reformation of the 21st century.
  3. What is the ideal size for a discipleship group? I give 8 reasons to support a group size of 3 to 5.
  4. Why does the word disciple disappear after Acts 21? Does Paul not believe in discipleship?
  5. Why discipleship has been overlooked for 400 years.
  6. Why a McChristian mentality cripples the growth of believers and how to combat it.
  7. The discipleship ministries of Augustine, Richard Baxter, Thomas Cranmer, Jonathan Edwards, and John Wesley.
  8. The 3-fold discipleship strategy John Wesley used to reach 34% of the American population, and why it will work today.
  9. Why Biblical disciple-making is only for believers.
  10. 5 MARCS of a healthy discipleship group. Learn a metric for gauging effectiveness in d-groups.
  11. What are the roadblocks that impede a healthy discipleship group?
  12. The difference between a Hellenistic worldview (Western) and a Hebraic Worldview (Eastern) and why it matters for your spiritual walk.
  13. How to read and understand the bible from a Hebraic perspective. Hint: think pictures over words.
  14. Steps to start, lead, and reproduce a discipleship group immediately.
  15. Frequently asked discipleship questions
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