The Most Effective Way to Start Making Disciples

The Most Effective Way to Start Making Disciples

What if you only had 30 days to set the course for your church or ministry’s future?

Where would you begin?

What would you do?

How would you do it?

The sad reality is that 70% of all churches are plateaued or declining in the US. While they may have more than 30 days until their demise, these churches need help now. Perhaps your church is one of them. But even if you are one of the 30% of churches that are growing, is the growth sustainable for years and decades to come? We believe the answer for every church to combat plateauing or declining is effective disciple-making. Jesus gave us a model to lead people to Christ and then equip them to go and do the same. This model, we call it the Discipleship Pathway, is the key to growing a healthy church. We believe it works because it is Jesus who modeled it for us. Knowing that a church’s struggles are more complicated than a new idea here or a new process there, we developed the Disciplemaking Jumpstart. After years and years of trial and error, paying the “dumb tax” in churches we served in, we crafted the Jumpstart to help church leaders avoid our mistakes. Additionally, the Jumpstart wastes no time helping you create a playbook to:
  • Create a disciplemaking culture
  • Understand and implement discipleship groups
  • Equip you with tools to gauge effectiveness
  • Map out your 90-day plan to Jumpstart a disciplemaking movement in your church
But the best part of the Jumpstart is the 30-Day Healthy Church Challenge. Every day you will receive an email with an action step (weekends, especially Sunday’s are thinking and reflecting exercises). These challenges will help you customize your personal action plan for the next 60 days. You’ll walk through developing a Map vs. a Menu in your ministry. You’ll navigate how to help your staff or key leaders get on board with the process. You’ll dive deep on your context to understand how best to proceed with disciple-making. We believe the Disciplemaking Jumpstart is such an effective tool that it has become our starting point for helping churches of all sizes and contexts. Because you are part of the Replicate Network, if you order in the next few days, you can get the Jumpstart for 20% off! Just use code sbc2019 when you order. Summer is the perfect time to invest in a resource like this, so you’ll be ready to roll this Fall as your people re-engage. Take advantage of this opportunity and let us know how it has worked for you! We can’t wait to hear more stories of how the Jumpstart is helping churches and ministries make disciples! Purchase the JumpStart