Too Busy to Lead Family Worship?

Don Whitney:157621835
God gave Spurgeon an extraordinary capacity for work and productivity. And yet, despite the ceaseless, crushing demands on his schedule, at 6:00 each evening, setting aside a to-do list that few could match today, he gathered his wife, twin boys, and all others present in his home at the time for family worship. After his death, his wife Susannah wrote this glimpse into their lives together with their twin boys, both of whom became pastors: After the meal was over, an adjournment was made to the study for family worship, and it was at these seasons that my beloved’s prayers were remarkable for their tender childlikeness, their spiritual pathos, and their intense devotion. He seemed to come as near to God as a little child to a loving father, and we were often moved to tears as he talked thus face to face with his Lord.
So, what’s your excuse for not doing family worship? Spend time investing in your family. We make time for sports and TV, but never discipling our family. Let’s change that.