2019 was a year where you probably consumed more content than you ever dreamed you would and we want to make sure you didn’t miss some of the best content along the way! We covered all sorts of topics on the Replicate blog and the Making Disciples podcast this year and these are the 10 most popular of each! These podcasts and blogs were downloaded and read more than any other so make sure you give them a look or a listen.

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Top 10 Podcasts of 2019

  1. Keystone Habits for Disciplemaking

There are a handful of habits that are key to the disciplemaking success and Pastor Robby and Chris reveal those here.

  1. Why People Aren’t Reading the Bible Consistently

We all feel we should be reading God’s Word consistently, so why don’t we? Pastor Robby and Chris tell us the problem and the solution in this episode.

  1. My Number One Failure as a Disciplemaker – Part 2

We’ve all made mistakes in disciplemaking, right? Here Pastor Robby shares his biggest one. (You might as well check out Part 1 too)

  1. Building a Compelling Team

What kind of people should you be looking for and what kind of culture should you be trying to build on your church staff?

  1. Falling Away

Pastor Robby and Chris discuss why so many pastors and church leaders fall away from the faith and what you can do to avoid following in their footsteps.

  1. Why One-on-One Discipleship is Not the Best Strategy

In this episode, Pastor Robby and Chris make the case that a discipleship group of 3-5 people is the best for spiritual growth rather than a one-on-one discipleship relationship.

  1. Discipling Millennials – Part 1

No one has the Millennial generation figured out, right? Hear a millennial’s perspective on the church as Pastor Robby discusses how to reach this generation with Dylan. (Don’t forget Part 2)

  1. How to Gain Disciplemaking Momentum in the Fall

Don’t miss out on this key time of year as people return from summer vacations and get back into their normal routine as school gets back into full swing.

  1. What My Personal Quiet Time with the Lord Looks Like

Ever wondered what a quiet time looks like for Pastor Robby? Find out in this episode!

  1. When Discipleship Groups Don’t Work

It could happen to anyone. So what do you do whenever a discipleship group just doesn’t work out?

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

Four Reasons Why People Aren’t Making Disciples by Tim LaFleur

Avoid These 7 Pitfalls in Your Discipleship Group by Julie Woodruff

Every Age, Same Page: Align Your Church Culture by Chris Swain

What Does Your First Discipleship Group Meeting Look Like? by Tim LaFleur

The Top 10 Disciplemaking Questions – Parts 9 & 10 by Chris Swain

Three Disciplines of a Discipleship Group by Tim LaFleur

9 Essentials of a Discipleship Group Part 1: Leadership by Dylan Young

January – A Great Time to Start a Discipleship Group by Tim LaFleur

Two Bible Reading Plans for Busy Believers by Robby Gallaty

The Top 10 Disciplemaking Questions – Part 3 by Chris Swain

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